Christmas Gift Buying Guide – Shop Local

Christmas Gift Buying Guide

It’s December Tomorrow! Arghh!

Sarah’s Shop Small Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Happy St Andrew’s Day but also, it’s December tomorrow, whaaaat? If like me you’re now in panic gift buying mode, I hope you’ll find this wee guide helpful. I was about to start my shopping when I thought, why not share the awesome wee businesses I follow on my blog too so that others can find them. I’ve gone through my follows on Instagram and picked out all the ones that I’ve been going ‘ooh!’ at over the year and thought I’ll save this to buy something for so and so.

Most, if not all, are small independent businesses and it’s places like this that I just love to purchase from! The gifts are made with love, super unique and usually packaged up so beautifully! Am I the only one that loves the packaging almost as much as the gift?

Check out my Insta-lust list below and I hope you find something awesome for someone on your Santa list!

~ Sarah

Fotomaki Sushi Confetti all gold

Made of Sundays

Made of Sundays Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2018

Awesome wall decals, it says for kids rooms but really – I want them alllll! The door animals are TOO CUTE.

Nikki McWilliams

Nikki McWilliams Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Biscuit themed cushions, jewellery, pins & patches! Super cute prints and banners too. Perfect for that friend that loves tea just a little bit too much (Yes, Kristeen, I mean you :P).

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I love these feminist/queer/geeky pins and patches! All the lovely bright colours. I know that you know a jacket screaming out for one of these. (Is it mine? I hope it’s mine!)

Neil Slorance

Neil Slorance Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I just love Neil’s work, I’ve got an original Slorance (robot fighting a squid) on my wall from, ooh must be 2007?! His prints are just adorable and I for one would love any of them! (I might just send this blog post to all my family and friends eh?)

Bonnie Bling

Bonnie Bling Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Awesome handcut (with lasers!) jewellery. Still game merch, yass. And quintessentially Scottish banter Christmas decorations. She’s got it all. If someone could buy me the wee Duke of Wellington pin badge that’d be grand, thanks pals 😉

Honeywell Biscuit Co

Honeywell Biscuit Co Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Yummmm! These biscuit and freakshake kits look incredible! I’m definitely buying some edible delights from here. Tweens like freakshakes, right?

Finest Imaginary

Finest Imaginary Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I’ve already seen about 10 things I’d love to buy from here for people, yay! Ticking things off my list!! Super cute and retro jewellery and homewares, get in about it!

Oh Squirrel

Oh Squirrel Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I mean it’s got squirrel in the name – what’s not to love? And the designer is clearly clued up, a print that says ‘You are as great as a dress with pockets’? Nailed it! Unique and personalised homewares, prints and Christmas gift goodies!

Designosaur Yeah

Designosaur Yeah Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I am a sucker for a dinosaur themed anything so this site is a total hit for me! Glitter + Dinosaurs = hell yes! Loving the cute socks too.

Goats and Totes

Goats and Totes Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I feel like I’m just writing a list for things I want now haha, I love all of everything on here. Cute designs, awesome pins, feminist totes.

Oh Corrin

Oh Corrin Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Have followed Corrin’s work for years now and have bought some of her prints for gifts before. Biffy Clyro prints – yass, Queer Eye cards! I’m running out of people to buy things for!

Yaldi Sweets

Yaldi Sweets Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Buckfast. Flavoured. Sweets. Need I say more? Comes with weegie patter labels, get one fur a pal!

Fotomaki Sushi Confetti all gold

Do you know an amazing small business that sells the best gifts? Let me know what it is in the comments!

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