You're in love.
Let's have a photo adventure!

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Couples Photos Glasgow & Scotland Wide


An afternoon with your love in a ridiculously scenic place. Where? I can’t tell you yet – I have to get to know you first. Then I’ll give you dreamy options, based on what lights you up.

Think of it like the best day out ever: You get to do something fun, in someplace beautiful, with your favorite person, and keep forever memories (AKA photos) afterwards.  

couple hugging next to still water with reflection of mountain scottish highlands couples photos glasgow

Wait, are you going to be ON vacation here...?

couples photos glasgow with wild goats and mountains in background behind happy couple

*goat encounters possible but not guaranteed

Some folks visit our shores and want to have photos “in Scotland, looking epic.”

You found just the thing. Welcome!

It'll look something like this...

Why even have a photo adventure?

couples photos glasgow park couple laughing relaxed engagement shoot scotland

Wedding planning is stressful, this is the escape hatch. Plus, the secret to great wedding photos is engagement photos. Yes, really!

Not only do you jumpstart sharing your love story with friends and family, you figure out how to be yourself in front of a camera with zero pressure.

You get to know your photographer and eyeball how many of your dad jokes they’ll tolerate. (Answer: All of them.)

By the time your wedding day comes, you’ll feel a bit smug at how relaxed you are with the photographer around.

Plus, the photos are about to make your life easier. Save the dates? Wedding websites? Hen parties? Stag nights? Wedding invites? Thank you cards? Awesome new profile pic? 

Do you have any of those to work on? SORTED.

couples photos glasgow graffiti urban engagement shoot scotland

They’re the best. Just seeing their name on your text notifications or hearing their keys in the door makes you happy.

Somehow, you don’t have many photos you love together, which is weird because you’ve been together awhile. Maybe some selfies or photos snapped by friends when you didn’t feel ‘ready,’ nor did you like the results enough to even post on Facebook.

Adventure sessions are for you if you love the idea of having beautiful photos, but in the past have cringed at the idea of getting them done. You don’t want to overly pose or feel awkward, or be forced into situations that don’t “feel like us.”

This feels more like a date than a photo session.

Just being together, doing something picked just for you, will give us photos that don’t require much posing. Read on and we’ll tell you how it works.

(We have a feeling you won’t be able to get enough of these images once they’re made.)

Strap in. Here's how this adventure's gonna work.


Potraits of Sarah of Joy Story, a fun wedding photographer glasgow colourful wedding photography scotland

Hello adventurers. I'm Sarah, your trusty guide.

We chat by email. (My website used to say ‘we hop on the phone’ but one day I realised that was pure lies; let’s be honest, you would rather email me.) I listen to your love story, your favorite things, and start imagining what would make you over-the-moon happy.

We pick an adventure spot

If you have a place in mind, cool - or throw your hands in the air and let me take over and unveil a plan for you. (I really could have been a travel agent. I live for itineraries and maps.)

Think of today as a long walk with your love.

Couples exploring together already act the way you want to look in photos: Natural and in love! Whether we walk to a view or pop into a cafe, we are in search of what looks like fun, and stop anytime there’s a particularly great backdrop.

Afterward, you’ll feel relaxed and probably say “Man, that was fun! I don’t want to go home!”


couple standing on grass clearing on hill with green mountains in background loch lomond photoshoot glasgow couples photos glasgow


couples photos glasgow couple dancing on lawn with castle and trees in background couples photoshoot scotland adventure


I’ll whisk your images off to handcraft them to perfection.

(Did you wake up with a blemish the morning of the session? No stress - you’ll never know.)

A few days after the session, you’ll receive some previews so you can see just how awesome you look. And your full gallery a few weeks after that.

All adventure sessions include...

An afternoon of adventuring at a location you choose (or I pick for you)

Enough planning done for you to make it relaxing, plus enough abandoning the plan to make it fun 😉

Editing of the most fun & excellent images from the shoot

40+ downloadable digital files

Major adventure

2-3 hours exploring up to 3 locations


Mini adventure

1 hour exploring 1 location


What's it like to work with me?

A breeze! It’ll just feel like hanging out with your (pretty good with a camera) pal who is making you look awesome. 

Don’t you wanna hang with me and look awesome? Yeah, you do.

Plan your photo adventure

All the details and how to plan your timeline

See a featured couples photo Glasgow session

Meet the lovely Cara & Jamie and see a whole gallery.

Tips for a successful photoshoot

Worried about feeling awkward? I got you.
Sarah of Joy Story laughing off camera fun wedding photographer glasgow

Are you thinking,
"This sounds amazing, but...?"

The hit up the contact page and let’s get together. 

I’m not offended by doubts and concerns. Let’s talk it out and see what happens.