A Wild & Romantic Argyll Vacation Photoshoot Scotland

engaged couple kissing and holding each other as they stand on a grassy knoll overlooking the rest and be thankful in Argyll as part of a vacation photoshoot scotland

Samantha & Waldo's Vacation Photoshoot Scotland


a beautiful young couple sitting on an old scottish stone bridge with a view of hills and forestry in the background during a vacation photoshoot scotland by an engagement photographer glasgow

“We are blown away! We were just saying how fantastic you were with us and the whole experience was truly memorable. Thank you so very much”

– Samantha & Waldo
Vacation Photoshoot Scotland

You all know by now that I bang on a heck of a lot about Scotland. I won’t apologise for that, it’s the best country in the world! And there are few things I love more than showing off this incredible place to people from overseas. 

Waxing lyrical about Scotland, and showing off some hidden gems is just one of the reasons I am a big fan of my Adventure Shoots. What’s an Adventure Shoot I hear you cry? Well my friends, it’s basically the best day out ever. You, your love, a ridiculously awesome part of Scotland and me, taking your photos there. What could be better?! 

Scenic Scottish travel photos

Samantha and Waldo are from South Africa and had come over to Scotland on holiday. They got in touch as they wanted photos of the two of them in some epic Scottish landscapes. Now, with my Adventure Shoots I like to get to know a couple, find out what makes them tick and then come up with my very own list of Scottish locations that I think will be right up their street. 

I sent Samantha and Waldo their options and they immediately chose Rest and Be Thankful, an excellent choice. One of Scotland’s most stunning spots. It’s a poetic name for a mountain pass that runs between Loch Lomond and Campbeltown. Following the line of the old military road (completed in 1753) it got its wonderful moniker when it became a popular place for people travelling the country to stop, rest, take in the awe inspiring views and be thankful they had reached the top of a rather gruelling climb.

Photoshoot at Rest and Be Thankful

I always offer to pick people up on an Adventure Shoot, especially if they’re on holiday and haven’t got access to transport. However, Samantha and Waldo had hired a car so they met me there. They both looked super cool. Waldo was all dapper in his suit and Samantha had on the most perfect dress and heels. I don’t know how she managed to walk in them but that woman is a superstar! They get married soon so this was pretty much their engagement shoot. 

We started off at the famous viewpoint. I mean, it would be rude not too when the landscape is this epic. It was the perfect day for a shoot too, not too bright and sunny but with plenty of visibility to take in all the mountains. We really had lucked out. From there we went for a wander, finding wee stone bridges, pine forests, waterfalls, and beautiful rivers. I feel like Samantha and Waldo got a true sense of Scotland – hills, mountains, lochs, old stuff…everything we are proud of here! 

Loads of tour buses head up to this spot, but I feel like the tourists don’t get shown the best bits. I always like to head off the beaten path. I’m very proud of the fact that a previous couple told me I was at least 10x better than a tour guide that had taken them up to Rest and Be Thankful. I’d shown them way more good bits around the location. Oh yeah! Props to me! Maybe I should start moonlighting as a tour guide…but no. I’ll stick to photography and just showing off those hidden gems to my couples. 

So, if you’re planning a trip to Scotland then why not book in for an Adventure Shoot? I’ve got to say, getting a photoshoot on holiday is a great way to see things you might not necessarily see, plus you get amazing images and a whole load of new memories. Just like Samantha and Waldo. 

Sarah x

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