What Will Happen on Your Wedding Day

Eeeeek, This is Really Happening – How Will it Go?

Let us tell you a little more about what you can expect from us as your photographers on the wedding day…


We will both arrive at the agreed-upon time at the place where you are getting ready. We will document all the preparations, the comings and goings, and all the little details that make your wedding your wedding. And because two photographers are better than one, we can capture both parties getting ready. These moments are some of our favourite — all the excitement in the air! (Especially when you do a first look like Annie & Catherine below!)


We will then make our way to the ceremony site to capture your guests as they arrive, along with all the goings-on that happens before this wedding shindig kicks off.

Then it’s ceremony time. With both of us there, we can capture several different angles and perspectives of your ceremony, which means that while one of us may be focused on you both saying your vows, the other can be capturing your guests’ reactions (and happy tears, no doubt) and all the little bits that you might have missed (too busy getting married aren’t you?). Two cameras are definitely better than one!

Picture Time

After the ceremony, we can do some family portraits with any combination of relatives, guests, etc. that you would like. This will all be ironed out beforehand when we meet for your final consultation to discuss your shot lists and other details. After the formals, we love to take some beautiful just-married portraits of the newlyweds. We usually like to just go for a walk and take some shots of the two of you looking all loved up because you just got married! No posing required, it’s all natural because you are all loved up!


Then it’s onto the reception, documenting all the important bits, such as speeches, cutting the cake, and the first dance. We will be there for as long as you need us.

Working in a photo-journalistic style, we do not intrude or get in anyone’s way, and we don’t make anyone pose (save for the group shots where we’ll tell bad jokes to get everyone smiling). We like to document rather than stage. We think the best photos happen in the genuine moments when people do not even know they are being photographed.

For us, it is a privilege and an honour to be invited to document your wedding day. We know how special this is for you both and your friends and family. Let us preserve all the excitement and happiness in photos you will treasure for a lifetime and beyond.

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