Loch Awe Photoshoot Scotland with Fairytale Mountain Views

couple sitting on step of stone monument on top of hill on sunny day loch awe photoshoot scotland scottish highlands

Kay & Eli’s Loch Awe Photoshoot Scotland

couple sitting on step of stone monument on top of hill on sunny day loch awe photoshoot scotland scottish highlands

“We had a really, really fantastic time with you. Oh my god, we love them so much!! We adore the monument picture, I feel like it’s something right out of a storybook! We just looked at the gallery and absolutely love everything! I think they all turned out beautifully and we both had such an amazing time with you, thank you so much!!”
– Kay & Eli

You need to check out this AWEsome Loch Awe photoshoot Scotland…

Sorry, that was terrible. But it is an indicator of the excellent jokes you’ll hear if you book a photoshoot with me. I am all about the chat and the puns. Anything to help you both relax in front of my camera. That’s how I get the very best photos of you two having a giggle together. Laugh with me or at me, I don’t mind, as long as I get those smiles! 

Scottish Pre-Wedding Shoot at Loch Awe

Kay and Eli are a super lovely couple hailing from America. They’re getting married next year in Pennsylvania but Scotland means so much to them that they wanted a shoot here to use for save the date cards, their wedding website and just to remind them how much they love the place. They first came over here as undergraduates and then came back to do some postgrad, Masters type courses. Any excuse to spend more time in Scotland, I don’t blame them! 

I happened to be over at Loch Awe for a wedding so suggested they meet me there. It’s a super beautiful part of the country and I knew there’d be no shortage of spots for pictures. 

They got the train up – there are excellent public transport links to Loch Awe, just in case you ever fancy a holiday and / or photoshoot up there! – I picked them up from the station and we went for a little jaunt. I was staying in a little AirBnB because of the wedding I was shooting so had had a wander around that morning and found an awesome monument high up on a hill. 

Loch Awe Photoshoot Scotland

I just thought it was a cool location for portraits and then later found out the monument was built for Duncan Banne McIntyre – or Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir to give him his Gaelic name – who was a renowned Gaelic poet sometimes called the Burns of the Highlands. 

There wasn’t a soul in sight when we arrived at the top of the hill and the views were spectacular. We could’ve spent all day there, watching the loch and gazing across the countryside. Loch Awe is beautiful and there’s no shortage of great photo spots. We even spent some time at the train station. The railway bridge was a brilliant place and, to be honest, we could’ve stayed and done the whole shoot there! 

The weather was amazing with a lovely golden glow. I was in my element with a fab couple, an incredible location and that light. The photo gods were smiling down on me that day for sure! 

Kay and Eli were ace to hang out with. We all drove back to Glasgow together and it was lovely to get to know them both. I hope they have the best wedding ever over in America – and, Kay and Eli, if you suddenly find yourself in need of a wedding photographer then you know where I am!

Sarah x

view from behind of couple looking over loch awe of sunny day with blue skies loch awe photoshoot scotland couple standing on small walking bridge with loch awe and green trees in background loch awe photoshoot scotland scottish highlands couple laughing as they sit on stone stairs and hold hands loch awe photoshoot scotland couples shoot couple hugging on banks on loch with trees and hills in background loch awe photoshoot scotland engagement he holds her from behind as they look into each others eyes in front of yellow gorse loch awe photoshoot scotland black and white picture of couple hugging on grass hill with views of loch and mountains in background loch awe photoshoot scotland couples shoot couple standing laughing on grass hill with forest and mountains in background loch awe photoshoot scotland engagement

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