What Does a Wedding Day Timeline Usually Look Like?

What Does a Wedding Day Timeline Usually Look Like?

If you’ve never been involved in planning a wedding before, you might not know how much there is to fit in one day! Here is a brief guide to what a wedding day timeline usually looks like.

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10am: Preparations begin. Hair, Make-up, champagne (required), getting dressed, flowers delivered, and photographer arrives

12pm: Start to mobilise the masses towards leaving, cars arrive

12:30pm: Leave for ceremony site

1pm: Ceremony – might include readings, songs, definitely smooches 😉


1:30pm: Ceremony ends, mingle and greet guests

1:45pm: ‘leave’ ceremony site, get confetti pelted at you (we want confetti shots! :D)

2pm: Family formal photographs

2.45pm: Wedding party photographs

3.15pm: Bride & Groom leave to have portraits taken

4.30pm: Wedding breakfast (why is it even called a breakfast?), speeches, cutting the cake

7pm: Evening reception

7.30pm: First dance

12am: When everyone’s supposed to be partied out, but they keep on going, because we’re Scottish, it’s what we do!

As you can see there is a lot to fit in one day, and it will be by you in a flash! Your photographer can be invaluable in helping you craft a wedding day timeline. These are great to keep everyone on the same page and help everything to run smoothly on the day.

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