Sloans Wedding Glasgow City Centre with Colourful Confetti

just married sloans wedding glasgow

Jess & Liam’s Sloans Wedding Glasgow City Centre

just married sloans wedding glasgow


“WE LOVE THEM!!!! Honestly – must have looked at them about 100 times already! We’ve everyone crying again when they saw them. We had the best day ever and I am still buzzing from the happiness and excitement of it all. We wanted to say a huge thanks to you and Emma for being so amazing. From start to finish you both put us and all our friends and family at complete ease. Also, your wedding tips/hacks were class!! Everyone has been raving about you guys and we are so delighted that we found you and you were part of our special day. You are one of a kind!”
– Jess & Liam

Want to know the most nerve-wracking part of a wedding photographer’s job? No, not the moment you arrive in a roomful of strangers, armed with a camera. It’s definitely not when you are about to start shooting couple portraits and rain begins to fall. It’s when you hit ‘send’ on a wedding gallery and that link goes whizzing off to the newlyweds. 

At that moment my palms go a little sweaty, my stomach does a wee flip and I keep refreshing the inbox until I get a reply. Why do I feel so nervous? Because I want you to LOVE your photos as much as I do! I want you both to relive your day, feel all the feels, and go through your gallery with humongous grins on your faces. And yes, I admit it, I flipping love getting feedback too. Especially when it’s an email like the one Jess and Liam sent me. “One of a kind” eh? I’ll take that! 

Wedding photography at Sloans, Glasgow

These two, as they say above, had the best day ever.  They love pints and pals, so where better to get married than in a pub surrounded by their mates. Sloans isn’t just any pub either, it’s Glasgow’s oldest pub (built in 1797 for all you history buffs reading this) and it’s pretty darn epic inside. Check out that ballroom, what a place to say your wedding vows! As a Plan B, it’s not too shabby! 

Because yes, Jess and Liam were thwarted by COVID, as many of my couples were. Jess is Irish and the original plan was to get married in a super cool barn in Ireland. Then travel restrictions came in and it turned out it was harder for Scots to get to Ireland than it was the other way round. So they sacked off Plan A and pulled Plan B together in about three months. They booked me in June and got married in September. What a whirlwind! 

These two are super cool. As you can tell they are all about bright colours and happy photos. Just my cup of tea! Jess’ dress was ace. So sparkly and unusual. Her shoes were epic too, she looked Ah. Mazing. You can see the shoes (and some hilarious “tits/boobies” graffiti) later in the blog. Well worth checking out. 

The morning was chilled and laid back. Then I got to Sloans and met up with a super nervous Liam, ha! Now, I love a bit of emotion. I have been known to get caught up in the joy of a ceremony but this one was something else. As soon as Liam’s sister started singing the whole room, and I mean the WHOLE room, just fell apart. We were all in floods of tears! Luckily I managed to hold it together enough to capture Liam bawling as Jess walked down the aisle. It was such a sweet moment. 

Glasgow city centre weddings

By now you all know how much I love Glasgow, it’s just the coolest place in the world and one of the best cities to get married in. Jess and Liam feel the same and were keen to get that rough and ready city vibe. We got some really informal and fun group shots in the Glasgow lanes, amidst the graffiti and old brick walls then Jess, Liam and I headed for Buchanan Street. Walking up Buchanan Street in wedding gear is an experience like no other. Couples have to be feeling pretty brave to do it but it’s so worth it. People were whooping and hollering as Jess and Liam strolled past, what a moment! 

Glasgow is more than graffiti and happy revellers though. There’s a lot of beauty in this place, and we found some in Argylls. A Victorian shopping arcade next to Sloans. It was good for the two of them to have a bit of time together because as soon as we got back to the wedding it was time for the eight…yep, you read that right…speeches. Jess assured me that everyone was sticking to a very strict time limit of 3 minutes. Yeah. Right. Three minutes? Ha, hold my beer! They were all great fun though and there was a heck of a lot of laughter. 

I can’t blog a Scots/Irish wedding without talking about the party. As you can imagine it was off the scale. Everyone was well up for a party and luckily the DJ was amazing. He knew his audience and was playing all the Irish classics. When B*Witched came on the place went wild! What a night! What a wedding! Jess, Liam, Sloans. What a combo! 

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Creative Team

Venue: Sloans Glasgow

Dress: Folkster

DJ: Fresh Entertainments

Hair and Makeup: The One Lounge

Brownies: Blondies Brownies

Flowers: Fiori Glasgow

Second Shooter: Emma Donaldson Photography

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